Best Backpacking Cook Pots – Keep It Lightweight

Best Backpacking Cook Pots – Keep It Lightweight

Most backpackers these days are cooking simple one pot meals, freezer bag meals, or prepackaged freeze dried meals.  You do not need to waste a whole bunch of money on an entire cookset.  If you want to cook your meal in the pot rather than in a bag, opt for one of the pots listed below.  Titanium is the lightest weight material option and is a good heat conductor, however, it is the most expensive option.

Recommended for One Pot Meals

PhotoProductSizeWeightSpecial FeaturesPrice
evernew pasta potEvernew Titanium Pasta Pot1L4.1ozStrainer lid
Silicon coated handles
snow peak trek 1400 titaniumSnow Peak Trek 1400 Titanium1.38L7.4ozPot and fry pan that doubles as lid
Folding handles
snow peak trek 700 titaniumSnow Peak Titanium 7000.7L4.8ozStrainer lid
Measurements on side
Folding handles
toaks titanium 1100mlToaks Titanium 1100ml1.1L6.5ozPot and fry pan that doubles as lid
Folding handles
msr ceramic soloMSR Ceramic Solo1.3L7.5ozAluminum with nonstick ceramic coating
gsi outdoors haluliteGSI Outdoors Halulite2.2L14.3ozHard anondized aluminum
Strainer lid

Since I use the freezer bag method for my meals, especially while solo backpacking, all I need to take is a titanium mug for boiling water.  Most small gas canisters fit into these mugs which makes for a really compact and lightweight cooking kit.

Recommended Mugs for Boiling Water

toaks titanium 550mlToaks 550ml Ultralight Pot 550ml2.6oz (with lid)Strainer lid
Measurements on side
Folding handles
snow peak titanium 450Snow Peak 450 Titanium Mug450ml2.4ozFolding handles$29.95
evernew titanium 400Evernew 400 Titanium400ml2.4ozFolding covered handles$32.20

I would love to hear about some of your favorite cook pots or mugs.  Leave a comment below!

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