Excalibur EXC10EL Food Dehydrator Review – Dry Like a Pro

Excalibur EXC10EL Food Dehydrator Review – Dry Like a Pro

Quick Overview

  •  Product: Excalibur EXC10EL Food Dehydrator
  • Price: $999.95
  • Dimensions:  17.25 in Wide x 20.5 in Deep x 17 Tall
  • Size:  10 – 15 x 15 Stainless Steel Trays, 16 sq. ft. of drying space
  • Materials:Fully Stainless Steel Construction, Glass Doors
  • Thermostat Range:  95°F to 165°F
  • Wattage:  600 W
  • Timer:  99 hour timer with 2 time/2 temperature settings
  • Fan:  6.5 inch fan
  • Warranty:  10 year (buy from an authorized dealer)

The Excalibur EXC10EL, Product Overview

If you want a top of the line, best of the best food dehydrator then this is the product for you!  The Excalibur EXC10EL is NSF approved and made in the USA.  This thing has it all and will not disappoint.  My favorite thing about this machine is its fully stainless steel construction.  That means no BPA or other iffy plastics leaching into your food.  This was THE most important detail to me while comparing dehydrators.  Why dehydrate your healthy fruits and veggies if they are just going to be covered in a layer of cancer causing plastic residue?  The transparent armored glass doors make it easy to check on your food without having to disrupt and open the dehydrator.  This machine can dehydrate large batches which is convenient because chopping and prepping takes time and with ten 15 x 15 inch trays you can get all or a huge portion of your food dehydrated at once.  This is nice especially if you are going on a longer backpacking trip and you don’t want to have to dehydrate a thousand batches in one of those tiny circular dehydrators.  The air circulation is great so there is no need to rotate trays like you have to with cheaper units.  It has a 99 hour timer so you can set it and not have to worry if the unit will turn off while you are out or asleep. The control panel is conveniently located on the front of the unit and is easy to reach.  Great for if you want to place the unit under a cabinet.

This is a Large Investment, But the Cost Savings are Amazing

I used to buy all pre-packaged backpacking dinners (Mary Jane’s Farm, Backpacker’s Pantry) which run about $8-$10 each.  Not only did this get expensive, but I didn’t even like the way that these meals tasted.  Since I’m a vegetarian, I only had a few choices and they always left me disappointed.  With this Excalibur, you can dehydrate your own recipes and feast on things like stews, chilis, lasagna, casseroles, pastas, and curries just like you eat at home.

One of this dehydrator’s strengths is making snack foods, such as jerky, dried fruit, fruit leathers, and nuts all of which you will probably want to take with you backpacking.  These snack foods are often eaten only a few ounces at a time so buying them at a health food store gets expensive on a per unit basis.  Since dehydrating food extends its shelf life, you will be able to buy these snack type foods in bulk or on sale, which will safe you money.

The average American family throws away about 25% of the food they buy each year.  Rather than tossing your leftovers or letting your produce go bad before you can eat it, why not throw it in the dehydrator and preserve it?  I used to put my leftovers in the fridge, but often they would go bad before I wanted to eat them.  Now I just put my leftovers from dinner straight in the dehydrator and have it for dinner a few weeks later.

If you grow your own food, you will be able to use this machine to preserve your harvest.  Ever had extra produce that you just couldn’t consume all in one season?  Dehydrated fruits and veggies can last up to 1 year if stored properly.  Dried herbs can last for years.

Your Body Will Thank You

Not only will you benefit financially from this dehydrator, there are health benefits too.  I love being able to control the food that goes into my meals, especially while physically exerting myself backpacking orDried fruit hiking.  You will know exactly what is in the food you are eating and you will not consume any unknown additives or preservatives.

This dehydrator is great for drying out nuts after they have been soaked.  Nuts contain phytic acid which makes it hard for most people to absorb the nutrients.  Soaking nuts and seeds will make their nutrient content more available.  After soaking, you will need to dehydrate nuts and seeds to prevent mold from forming.  The temperature settings go low enough that your nuts will still be considered raw/living foods.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, dehydrating fruit can be a great help.  Dried fruits are sweet enough that they satisfy my sweet cravings and I don’t reach for candy or pastries.  Dried pineapple is my favorite so I keep that on hand and take it with me out on the trail.

Its Not Just Backpacking Food Though

While I originally got this food dehydrator for drying out my own backpacking food, I actually use it a lot in my day to day life too.  I dehydrate leftovers, herbs from my garden, food that is close to going bad, nuts, snacks foods, dog treats, and meals for road trips and traveling so I don’t have to eat out at restaurants.  If you have kids, you can make healthy snacks that your children will look forward to eating such as fruit leathers which I think taste better than fruit roll ups.  You can make granola, yogurt drops, sweet potato chips, watermelon chips, and much more!  This is a great way to get kids to eat more fruit and veggies.   When they watch the food dehydrate and are involved in the preparation process, they will be more willing to eat these delicious treats.  The dehydrator also comes with a helpful cookbook to get you started.

Its Conclusive, the Excalibur EXC10EL is the Best of the Best

This unit is quality built and has a 10 year warranty that will ensure you get your money’s worth for years to come.  The Excalibur EXC10EL was the only dehydrator that checked all of my requirements for a food dehydrator.  I am a believer in this product and I know many others who love their Excaliburs.  The upfront cost is definitely a drawback but this dehydrator is a worthwhile investment that you will be using for years.  In this case, you get what you pay for.  I would much rather spend the money to get a quality dehydrator that will last than buy a throwaway machine that won’t do the job properly.  In which case you will probably end up buying multiple dehydrators when you could have just bought the Excalibur to begin with.  I highly recommend you do your health and your family a favor and  pick up your own Excalibur.   I bought my Excalibur off of Amazon to take advantage of the free shipping.  Click on the picture below to purchase yours!

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6 thoughts on “Excalibur EXC10EL Food Dehydrator Review – Dry Like a Pro”

  • As an avid day hiker I am always interested in what is innovative.

    Wow. I really like the idea of no plastic. Although I am not a vegetarian I value not having cancer production going on an me paying for it.

    The 99 hour timer really got my attention as well. Time and safety.

    Definitely worth a serious look.

    Enjoyed the review. Very complete.

    • Hi Robert,

      Vegetarians are not the only ones who will benefit from this machine. You can also dehydrate lean meats such as ground beef, ham, roast beef, turkey, shrimp, and tuna.

      The 99 hour timer is a great feature since most cheaper dehydrators have 24 or 48 hour timers. In which case if you are not home when the timer goes off, the machine will shut off whether your food is dried or not.

  • I have been looking for a dehydrator for a while. This looks pretty cool. A bit pricy, but as you say – in the long run it is often worth going for good quality.

    Love that it is made of steel so it will for sure keep plastic and BPA out of the food.

    I think that making our own dehydrated food will be soo much cheaper than buying the pre-made ones, and also we then know for sure what the ingredients are.

    Thanks for the review.


    • This dehydrator is definitely worth the investment and has a great warranty to back it. I don’t think you would regret purchasing, I know I don’t!

  • Hello,

    Awesome post on the excalibur food dehydrator.

    There are many different types of these machines on the market. I think it is a very cool idea.

    Now I would definitely be considered a “beginner”. What would you suggest to a beginner for a food dehydrator? Also are they easy to operate?


    • Hi Shawn,

      Excalibur is a very reputable brand so maybe you could try one of their cheaper models to start, something such as the 2900ECB 9 Tray or the 3526 TB 5 Tray.  TSM also makes good quality dehydrators.  Most food dehydrators are very easy to operate, pretty much to the point where you can just set the timer and forget it.

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